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Drive Shaft, Axles & CV Joints

The drive shaft carries the power from your transmission to your wheels. Over time parts wear out and fail. Here are some signs of a drive shaft failing:

  • The entire car or parts of it can vibrate due to drive shaft issues. This is especially apparent in the floor boards and lower areas of the car. Drive shaft issue vibrations occur while the car is moving. Vibrations while accelerating are often due to a bad axle or drive shaft.
  • Usually a low squeaking sound that intensifies as the car accelerates.
  • Do you notice that your wheels hesitate when you’re turning? Does it feel like the car is resisting you when you make sharp turns or U-turns? This is especially noticeable while turning into tight spaces.

Your car’s axle is pivotal in driving, braking and steering your car. Axle repairs should be done immediately. A broken or bent axle can cause considerable damage to your car and put your safety at risk. Attempting to drive on a broken axle can cause a plethora of additional problems.

Here are some signs of a damaged axle

  • Clunking noises from the under carriage of the car when shifting into gear
  • New or uncommon rumbling or vibrations when the car is in motion

CV joints allow for your car to apply constant power to the wheels when driving over uneven surfaces. CV joints wear overtime and do eventually fail. Here are some signs of a failing CV joint

  • Popping or clicking noises when turning.
  • A clunking noise when accelerating, decelerating or when you put the car in drive.
  • Vibrations and play in the steering wheel while driving. This will increase in severity with speed.

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